Discover how to

find more leads without having to find more time.

As a dentist you need to take care of your patients and your business. You didn’t study to

learn marketing.

be a SEO expert.

design websites.

You're a dentist, not a marketer.

Learning how to attract new patients while dealing with everything else can be overwhelming. 

Financial Burden 

Dentist face huge loan debt and are constantly under pressure to find new patients to cover the cost of running a business.

to Keep up

It's difficult to manage your business, keep your customer happy, and continually try to find new patients. 

too Thin

You’re wearing all the hats trying to take care of your business as well as your patients. Is that the best use of your time?

Our Solution

The 4R System

We developed a unique system that address all 4 pillars of business growth. Our formula covers everything from lead generation to client retention.

A solid marketing system working for you even while you sleep designed to fill your calendar with new patients.

Reputation Management

We start with reputation management to get your patients to leave you 5-star reviews. We’ll monitor and respond to your reviews as they come in. Soon you’ll have more reviews and you'll be known as the go-to dentist that everyone trusts. We’ll keep you updated with regular reports so you can see the results.

Referral Network

In addition to getting leads from your reviews, we will also develop a referral network for you. We hit every point from printing patient referral cards, developing networking partnerships, and listing you in a variety of business directories. You’ll have multiple engines running simultaneously drawing in new leads.


In addition to all of the inbound marketing, we'll also develop your outbound marketing system to reach new patients.
Most of the time a lead needs multiple touch points before coming in for their first visit. We automate these touchpoints for you. This way, when you talk to new patients they are better qualified, better educated, and ready to start. 


From automated appointment reminders to reactivating idle clients, we’ve got a variety of ways to keep you connected with your patients. By increasing your client retention we’re increasing the average value per patient.

Increasing the client value means you have a better return on your marketing, you don’t have to see as many patients, and your business is more profitable.

Proven track record of helping dentists grow their business

With so much competition in the dental industry, it can be difficult to get your business out there. What works? How do potential patients find you? That's where we come in.

We're a dental marketing agency that's helped other dentist grow their practice by increasing client retention, building networking partnerships, and delivering better qualified leads.

Find new patients and expand your practice

Relieve the financial burden of dentistry

Save time and resources by automating tedious tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient follow up, and more.


At Pixal we have been able to provide other dentist like yourself with more time, less stress, and deliver more patients to their practice.

"Pixal made it possible for me to focus on my practice and take care of my clients without having to worry about anything else."

Dr. Yuki Hys


"The best thing about Pixal is that they implement so many different solutions that helped us grow our business."

Dr. Carlos Belvilaqua

Dental Surgeon

"I loved the whole proposal and I was very happy with the evolution and maturation of the work. I really have to congratulate Pixal."

Roberta Bagnatori

Dental Surgeon

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